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Mission Tackle Introduces the Lake Trout Bucktail Jig to its Line of Highly Effective Lake Trout Lures

Mission Tackle is well known for introducing the Rigged Lake Trout Tube to the Lake Trout fishing world. It is one of the most effective baits for Lake Trout in both ice and open water. That being said, there are times when Lakers still like the “Old School” Bucktail Jig. With this in mind, Mission Tackle is introducing the Lake Trout Bucktail Jig.

This jig features genuine Bucktail Hair and a Banana Style Head. Built with a Mustad Super Strong#32786 Hook and a Treble Hook Trailer, this jig is the perfect answer to anglers that want a high quality Bucktail Jig designed specifically for Lake Trout. Equally effective for ice or open water, the Lake Trout Bucktail Jig comes in ¾, 1, and 2 oz sizes, and in four fish catching colors.